1. Addition of the new resin-free handball following the amendments of the IHF Ball Regulations
    as decided by the IHF Council on 1 July 2019, to offer the possibility to use the new resin-free
    handball in official IHF matches (please refer to Rule 3:2).
  2. Passive play – reduction of the maximum number of passes after the forewarning signal from
    6 to 4 passes, aiming to make the game more attractive (please refer to Rule 7:12, and Clarification 4).
  3. Hitting the goalkeeper in the head with the ball in open play situations to be considered as
    unsportsmanlike conduct warranting an immediate 2-minute suspension, aiming to protect the
    the health of the goalkeepers (please refer to Rule 8:8).
  4. Introduction of a throw-off area (circle with a diameter of 4 metres) in the middle of the centre line, aiming to facilitate the flow of the game and the referees’ observation (please refer to Rules 1:9, 10:5, 15, and Clarification 5.